Short-term Roadmap

This post presents rethumb’s short-term roadmap. These features are a mix of user requests and in-house ideas given the usage of our service. We expect to start working on them by January.

In the next few days we’ll add a new blog entry with details on the new API operations: convert and qualilty.

CNAME Records Support

This feature will allow the usage of your domain as an alias to our so that you can keep your brand while using our service.

More about CNAME here:

Default Images for Errors

When our service finds an error, while processing a request, it sends an image with the error message (and a HTTP header with the same message).

rethumb error response

Our idea is to allow the user to setup a default image that our service will send in place of the black box with the error. This could be useful to hide errors from your users and give them a less disruptive experience.

Allow Paths in Sources

At the moment when you add a new source it can only be a domain or a sub-domain. With this feature you will be able to add a path:


This can be used to limit access to your image sources with higher granularity.

E.G.: AWS S3 urls can be something like:<your_folder>/. With this feature you will be able to limit your plan only to your folder on S3.

SLA for Paid Plans

We’ll start offering a SLA for our paid plans so that our users know what to expect from each plan. In order to provider a better service we are also implementing rate limiting on the number of new images processed by minute.

More on SLA: