Cloudflare Integration

Since last June we have enabled CloudFlare CDN for our API domain:

With this change we can leverage on the amazing CloudFlare network (with over 80 delivery points) and give our users best performance and security. Our API is a highly cacheable endpoint, so it makes sense to cache all our data near our final users.

How this work? CloudFlare stands between your user browser and our own servers. When a user requests an image for the first time CloudFlare passes the request to us. We then process the image and return the final image. CloudFlare will cache this image and subsequent requests won’t hit our servers (being served by CloudFlare alone). Virtually 100% of our requests are cache hits so this will bring a significative speed-up for our final users.

We are also better protected against DDoS attacks and even when our all servers are down we can operate on some level.

Note: clients using CNAME records won’t have access to this feature – they will have to enable CloudFlare CDN for their domain.