Outage 14/Feb/2018

At the moment rethumb is having some performance issues, this is being addressed with our VPN provider.

The root cause is related with software upgrades to mitigate the Meltdown and Spectre issues.



We have decided to start migrating our infrastructure to new providers.


First phase of the infrastructure migration in now done. We will continue to work to migrate the remaining machines.

We expect to have the migration done later today. Until then it is expected to have some slow down when processing new images.


Our infrastructure migration is now complete and the system is stable.

After this episode we will take some measures to prevent these issues in the future.

We will also take some additional measures such as:

  • Create a public dashboard with current service status.
  • Use our Twitter account to publish details about outages.
  • Use our blog to report outages and on-going efforts to mitigate them.