Uptime September 2018

Uptime report for the past month:




Main Events

Some details on the main events of the past month.

🧯🔥 dashboard.rethumb.com down for 4h 55m:
  • As reported in Uptime August 2018 we had some issues with the machine running dashboard.rethumb.com. These issues are now solved.

🧮🧪 API Performance

  • The following charts show the maximum execution time for a new image request (without using the CDN and not hitting any local cache).

August 2018

September 2018

  • These values should be as low as possible but we can see a significant improvement from August to September as the values have less variation.

  • For now our primary goal is to avoid spikes as these occur when the system is under high load and our system is scaling up.